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Baseball Caps / Hat Sizing / Terms

For All Genders, Brands and Style of Hats

NOTE: The hat description, once you click the hat, will give more details on the actual sizes.

Head size (inches)
Precise hat size
General hat size

20 1/2

6 1/2


20 7/8

6 5/8


21 1/4

6 3/4


21 5/8

6 7/8





22 3/8

7 1/8


22 3/4

7 1/4


23 1/8

7 3/8


23 1/2

7 1/2

Extra Large

23 7/8

7 5/8

Extra Large

24 1/4

7 3/4

Extra Large

24 5/8

7 7/8

Extra Large



Extra Large

Hat Glossary

Also known as the visor or bill, the brim is your friend that protects your face from the sun. It's most often made of PVC plastic, sewn inside the fabric (canvas, cotton, wool, and what-have-you, and keeps its curve even after it's been washed.

This is the liner inside the hat that gives it structure and form. Our "relaxed" or "low profile" hats have no buckram, so the cap is softer and more relaxed.

Right at the top of the hat, keepin' it together, man. The botton holds all the panels together.

Closures mean exactly what they say: They close your hat in the back. Our fitted hats are just sewn up in back, while our adjustable hats have a variety of closures made most often out of Velcro, plastic, hook-and-loop, fabric snaps, elastic bands, or leather straps.

The sewn-in stuff that decorates your hat that is most often raised and sewn into the front and back of a hat, with your favorite team logos, brands, and team names.

The little holes in each panel that allow your hat or head to breathe. Most hats have eyelets, made of either metal or just reinforced stitching.

The six or eight different pieces, sewn together, that make the cap of your hat.

The thread along the seams of each panel; it can be either a contrasting color or a matching color to your hat.

Only found on some hats, not all, the sweatband runs just along the inside and insures that sweat doesn't run down your face!

Molded after the classic on-field style of major league baseball. They're 100% wool and have a firm, reinforced buckram.

Fitted & Low Profile
Come in True Fit sizing, with two silhouettes. The 59/50, which is the authentic on-field cap of major league baseball, sits higher on the head, while all other Low Profile aren't as deep, with smaller buckram, so they sit lower on the head.

Hats with an adjustable closure in the back. They're stylish and fun and one-size-fits-all, so there's no size guesswork!

Easy Fit
Are made of softer fabrics, like brushed cotton, and have no buckram, so they have a more relaxed look to them. They're a casual hat-about-town, perfect for the student, weekend hat-wearer, even the collector, since we have loads of different brands and team names.

Easy Fit Fitted
Come in four sizes: S, M, L, and XL, so they have no adjustable closure in back. These cool cats come in a variety of teams, brand, and colors.

Easy Fit Adjustable
The one-size-fits-all form of the Adjustable, the Relaxed Adjustable is the first name in total comfort, flexibility, and casual chic. Just pick your favorite teams and brands with no worries about sizing!

This hat looks like the classic driving cap. Available in an assortment of fabrics.

Visors are cool in more ways than one. They keep your head clear and cool for any outdoor activity.

Like a fishing hat. Great for guys and girls, it comes in many different fabrics.


We carry hat and caps made by: Twins Enterprise, Zephyr, Under Armour, Nike, Reebok, New Era, Mitchell & Ness, Adidas, and Top of the World.
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